Welcome to Iftekhar Ahmed: SEO Expert

Iftekhar Ahmed is an on-page and off-page strategy maker, tactic creator, an organic market researcher and the best known SEO expert, was born in 17 of January and attended school, then he earned Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Preston University. Iftekhar Ahmed incredibly brave and young man has started his career in 2005 as a SEO and later he worked as seo expert, seo strategist, link builder. He has commercial experience of more than seven years. He faced lots of challenges during the entire career, while his tough journey has made his skills more flourish. Iftekhar Ahmed works hard to serve his clients so that they can get the top search ranking. He is also familiar with development technologies including html, php, asp, Zen cart, joomla, open cart and Magento for SEO Optimizations. He has great knowledge to create on-page and off-page strategy benefits for clients with significantly improved search engine rankings.

SEO Expert

SEO expert is the main person who guides you how to get the top results and high ranking in the major search engine and to attract possible huge visitors. This process is done by lots of struggle in different ways like on-page optimization, off-page optimization, writing and submitting article to article directories and blog commenting etc. Blogs and forum play quite important role in getting results by making relevant comments in forums and on blogs that have high page ranks, because you can leave your link on them to induce back links. Because of a SEO expert you can deal your website in a manner able way by which you can save your precious money and countless time.SEO experts help you to avoid costly mistakes that can cause your website to tumble on page ranking and save the cost of your business. In this way you have more time to handle your business personally, which means more efficiency and profit. Selection of the best SEO expert could be a daunting task but if you keep certain factors in mind then things might turn out to be easier. You should avoid those specialists who offer you some rapid results, because with their procedure you will get the results rapidly but only for short spend of time and those results will not stay for long. Your must focus on to increase your potential customers and not to obtain a higher ranks. The bouquet of services the SEO expert chooses for those companies which make the internet market successful with fruitful efforts. Normally SEO experts are responsible for top search engine rankings, because seo experts know the true techniques and ways to bring your web site on top. SEO expert can help you with multiple ways to improve rankings and they can slowly improve your website’s visibility which generates your business. A SEO expert can help you with his remarkable skill which can bring your site on top. Trying to find the right SEO expert can be done with ease after strong research on internet. When you search for services, you must quote many times those services that you need. Receiving a quote can be done by email or even by phone depending upon the company you want to use for the service.

PPC Expert

PPC stands for pay per click, which is the standard advertising campaign, known for its recognized and professional approach to expose services. To create a brand name online, companies are now required to hire a PPC experts for approval. The important contribution of experts of CPR is to provide a direct link to a page Advertising to connect to your company’s link to your customer, the more convinced you of services and channels.

Conversion Expert

Do you know your rate? The conversion rate is the number of visitors to your site who take appropriate action against the total number of visitors in a particular period or time. Studies have shown that 60% of websites don’t know their conversion rates. What do you take into account when making changes to the design of your site? What do you do when you have lots of visitors, but very few of them perform the desired action? What you want to do your visitors? How are they going to do? What is the next step to your visitor after taking the desired action?

SEO Strategist

In the modern technology Services for SEO strategist become a useful process. SEO Strategist is the person who creates the architectural structure for the web site that processes to make it survive through the challenges of internet marketing.SEO strategist works behind the screen of success of a website to attract the high volume of visitors to generate the conversions. If you are well aware of the online marketing strategies then you will definitely be a professional SEO strategist. There are many new companies that are interested in bringing their products and services on the Internet, but they don’t have experience to create SEO strategy with the internet marketing concepts that will help them in spreading their business. Iftekhar Ahmed, he is the person who creates strategies for multiple websites and help them to maximize their online businesses.

SEO Pakistan

During current time people are educating themselves and learn a lot about the SEO. The competition for regional keywords in Pakistan becomes so difficult. Now People are focusing them on regional keywords to target the basic regional market which require lots of hard work, research and endless efforts.

SEO Karachi

Karachi is the biggest capital of finance of Pakistan, so, it is the reason that a key phrase which contains the word Karachi has more competition over other cities. If you take a look over the keywords “SEO Karachi”, SEO expert Karachi” etc you will find that the huge amount of people are struggling to bring them on top over the keywords related to Karachi. This is also happenings because Karachi has a great number of IT Organizations and good investments from the foreign countries.

SEO Consultant

SEO Consultant offering SEO services for clients who have websites and would like to achieve a beneficial position in major search engines. A good SEO consultant not only knows the tricks of trading but also knows how to use them better. SEO consultant optimize your site to get a high ranking in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN, by using the right methods. A SEO consultant is the one who is responsible to figures out the right keywords and phrases that will match the search pattern of your target audience. After choosing the right keywords for your website, the next step is to create web content or articles that will be posted on your website. This method is called organic or natural marketing of your website. A good SEO consultant is the one who can give you all the strategies that you need to come up with a decision on the most appropriate strategy to be used for your website. SEO consultants provide an opportunity to your business in order to get the advantages of outsourcing. An SEO consultant can assist and advice you about your exact requirements in order to generate strategies to address them. To increase sales, an SEO consultant can develop or re-develop search engine friendly website designs to enhance on-page optimization and improve the position of website on search engine.

SEO Specialist

SEO specialist is someone who has a deep understanding and knowledge about the implementation of the various search engines and is able to use this knowledge to your advantage. What SEO expert can do it, that they can use their experience and knowledge to get your website in the top most posts to various targeted keywords through various methods? SEO specialist should have repute or a good amount of familiarity in optimizing web sites successfully. The SEO specialist must have a record of working with different types of design features and development languages. Always make it a point to ask for customer references and check out their portfolio.